Sacramento Dharma Center’s physical location is rapidly moving from dream to reality – your gift now can put us over the top for our Wissemantn Capital Campaign! A donation now will be doubled by a $5000 Matching Grant, thanks to the generosity of a member of one of our sanghas.  What an inspiring beginning we have before us! These final days of the Campaign offer us a chance to share our love of Dharma. Whatever gift is possible for you, whether $30 or $3000, you will know that you helped us reach our goal of $230,000.

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Every gift matters. Each gift shows the power of sangha, all of us coming together to support each other’s practice, and make the Dharma available to more people in our community. Your generosity creates a foundation of strength and support as the Center opens its doors to serve everyone who seeks to end suffering and practice compassion. To see our thermometer, updated daily, click here.

How will your gift help?

Our number one priority is to move in and to be operational as soon as possible. Donations to the Wissemann Capital Campaign will directly help that happen, as code requirements for accessible bathrooms and walkways, and minor electrical work must be met before our sangha groups assemble there.

Once we learned the owner would not negotiate sharing any of these costs, we obtained the services of experts willing to design-build promptly after we close escrow. We are, with your help, ready to get going on construction of two new ADA-accessible bathrooms and other improvements that will make the Center welcoming to all.
Your gift will also contribute to the establishment of a prudent ten month reserve fund to cover expenses for those emergencies that always seem to happen – within the impermanence of their predictability! Such stability gives us the freedom to focus on practice, rather than make continuous appeals for new needs.
Your gift will also allow preventive maintenance now, instead of deferring expenditures to a likely more expensive future, and will allow the purchase of chairs and other furnishings that will make the building fully functional as a meditation center for everyone.
This is a profound moment of possibility and shared vision among us who love the Dharma. Please savor our community’s support, and join in helping to open the doors of Sacramento Dharma Center.