We continue to be grateful for your enthusiastic response to our Sustaining Circle appeal. We now have 80 Sustaining Circle monthly donors pledge to donate $2,812 a month. This is encouraging momentum to help us reach our goal of 120 Sustaining Circle members, with pledged monthly income of approximately $3,600. We invite you to join in!

sdc-thermometer-JPEG-0907(click on photo to enlarge)

There are two ways to join in and support the dream:

You can begin donating monthly, automatically right here on our website, or you can mail us a check each month. Better yet, have your bank mail the check, they do it for free! This helps us finance our search for a building, as well as increase our Capital fund and demonstrate our credit worthiness!

Or you can pledge to donate monthly when we locate our home! In this way you help us plan for the future; we will know what we can afford and that we will have stable funding for ongoing expenses. Every monthly donation from you reduces the amount the Dharma Center will need to charge the Sustaining Sanghas.

Begin your monthly pledge here now!

If you would rather donate by check, or pledge to begin donating at a future date: please print, complete, and mail the  Sustaining Circle pledge card found here  (mailing address on the card).