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Our Mission

The Sacramento Dharma Center’s mission is to create a sanctuary for meditation and Buddha’s teachings, welcoming everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony.

Our Vision

We envision the Sacramento Dharma Center at 3111 Wissemann Drive as an inclusive and accessible community resource available to all people who wish to encounter Buddha’s teachings, enjoy the benefits of meditation practice, practice with a Sangha, and participate in a Buddhist tradition. We provide a home for the Sustaining Sanghas. When not reserved for a specific use, the meditation hall is available for individual sitting. The center houses supportive and informational resources including a library, which are available to the general public.

Values Statement

We embrace the practice of mindfulness and the cultivation of generosity, ethical conduct, compassion, and wisdom. With the intention to benefit the whole community, we welcome everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony.

Our Organization

Sacramento Dharma Center represents three Buddhist meditation groups that have been offering teachings and practice events for a collective 43 years in our community.  Our goal is to offer the healing and transforming practices of Buddhist meditation and teachings to the whole Sacramento community

Representatives from Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group, Valley Streams Zen Sangha, and Sacramento Insight Meditation have created Sacramento Dharma Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, for the purpose of establishing this space.

Generous donors to our Capital Campaigns, and monthly Sustaining Circle donors, made it possible to purchase a wonderful property at 3111 Wissemann Drive. After adding two ADA bathrooms and making some necessary upgrades we hope to be open and fulfilling our mission by late summer 2016.

Creative Contributions

Logo Design:
David Angstead:
Digital Portfolio:www.angrycity.net

Photograph Credits:

Kent Lacin:
Provided all photographs of the Board of Directors

Pat Soberanis:

  • White Orchid
  • Tiger Orchid
  • Butterfly Cocoons
  • White Water Lily
  • Sacramento River at Tower Bridge

All Photographs (c)2013 Pat Soberanis/Soberanis.com

Judith McCrea:

  • Buddha’s eyes

Tobrina Smith:

  • Poppies with Bee
  • Cranes
  • Reflections

Public Domain Photographs:

Buddha triad: An early Buddhist triad 2nd-3rd century CE. Gandhara. Musée Guimet.
Personal photograph. From left to right, a Kushan devotee, Bodhisattva Maitreya Buddha, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, and Buddhist monk.

California Coastal Range in Mist: by Wing-Chi Poon; on board commercial flight near Santa Barbara, 11/07/07.