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Sacramento Dharma Center was incorporated in March of 2012 as a nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. The Corporation is organized and operated exclusively as a California Charitable 501(c)(3) Corporation created to develop and maintain a dedicated space, and provide support for, meditation-based Buddhist groups in the Sacramento area.

Our Mission

The Sacramento Dharma Center’s mission is to create a sanctuary for meditation and Buddha’s teachings, welcoming everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony.

Our Vision

We envision the Sacramento Dharma Center as an inclusive and accessible community resource available to all people who wish to encounter Buddha’s teachings, enjoy the benefits of meditation practice, practice with a sangha, and participate in a Buddhist tradition of their choice. We provide a home for the Resident Sanghas; Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group (SBMG), Sacramento Insight Meditation (SIM) and Valley Streams Zen Sangha (VSZS) as well as other Buddhist groups. When not reserved for a specific use, the meditation hall is available for individual sitting. The Center houses supportive and informational resources including a library, which are available to the general public.

Values Statement

We embrace the practice of mindfulness and the cultivation of generosity, ethical conduct, compassion, and wisdom. With the intention to benefit the whole community, we welcome everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony.


Our Organization

Beginning in 2012 the Center’s Board of Directors were initially focused on planning, fund raising, and property search. We closed escrow on the wonderful property at 3111 Wissemann Drive in Sacramento on June 13th, 2016. The Board, made up of representatives from our three Resident Buddhist Sanghas (spiritual communities) manages the property, facilitates scheduling, and provides a Library and other support services. Each Group provides weekly evening programs, weekend retreats, weekday morning meditation periods, and various other related classes and activities.

The Board of Directors also continues fund raising activities in support of the Center which is financed in two ways. It receives rental payments from the resident Sanghas which covers our mortgage payments. All other operating expenses are covered by monthly donations from generous supporters who join the Dharma Center Sustaining Circle.

Creative Contributions

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