The Sacramento real estate market is hopping, and the Sacramento Dharma Center Board has been hopping, too, actively investigating the opportunities as they arise. In the last two months we have made several non-binding offers, one at full price, on promising buildings in downtown, midtown, and the Broadway corridor, and Board members checked out three additional locations over the Thanksgiving holiday. So far, each building has had significant obstacles, primarily involving costs that would stretch current resources.

The number of available properties is good news, but real estate prices continue to rise. We have had some successful alternative fundraisers in 2015, but the need for donor contributions is more urgent now than ever to keep up with the changing market. We are continuing our Sustaining Circle campaign to increase the pool of monthly donors, and will also re-open the Capital Campaign.

The month of December will bring re-invigorated outreach by email, phone, and one-on-one contact with members of the three Founding Sanghas. Look for exhibits at your Sangha meetings on how SDC will meet Sustaining Sanghas’ needs, as well as the new “I’m In” campaign, where current donors show their support. All sustaining members who want one will receive the newly-minted SDC bumper sticker or window decal.

We only need 29 more!

In the past two weeks, eight new Sustaining Circle members have signed on! We now have 91 members donating, or pledged to donate monthly. The goal is to have 120 members by the new year. Although any amount is welcome, the average monthly contribution for sustaining members is $35.

Our Building Committee Rocks

Meanwhile, the Building Committee is collecting names of architects we could ask to bid on developing as-is and conceptual drawings. Contact Julia at or Joette at with recommendations or send a message via our contact page.

The committee is also developing a list of tasks, costs, and time frames for both immediate improvements and those that can be phased in.

People Power

In other news, Bruce Baccei from Valley Streams Zen Sangha was elected for a three-year term on the Board as an at-large member. Margaret Buss, a SIM member, is a new volunteer for the Communication Committee, and Maggie Geddes and Gil Schroeder from SBMG have also stepped forward to help with special projects.

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