After weeks of negotiation we have signed a purchase agreement with the sellers of the Armenian Church property at 3240 B Street. The church has a sanctuary, large social hall, and a small one bedroom house, all on a nice double lot in a residential area near McKinley Park.

The paperwork will be filed early next week with the escrow company and we will put down a refundable deposit. This will start a 45 day contingency period in which we will carry out inspections of the property to ensure that this is the right place for our Dharma Center home. We have an architect, Mike Malinowski, who has experience with older structures. Mike will tour the property with us next week and begin the process of thoroughly evaluating what we are getting ourselves into.

Board members of the three founding Sustaining Sanghas have been through the building and we are working to determine how well the space will accommodate everyone and support the Center’s mission to provide a home and sanctuary where the wisdom and compassion practices of the Buddha will flourish.

We will have an open house near the end of the 45 day contingency period and we hope many of you will be able to come. Stay tuned! If everything goes well during the contingency period we will move into a 60 day escrow.

We need your support now more than ever. We have done a lot of financial modeling but this has been done with estimates. Now we will be able to get specific operating costs, know what repairs and improvements are needed, and determine our actual continuing operating budget. This much we know now, we will need consistent monthly donations from between 150 to 200 donors averaging $25 a month. We are calling these donors the Sustaining Circle. You can set up a Sustaining Circle donation here on the website contribute or donations pages. If you need more information any one of the SDC Board of Directors will be happy to answer any questions. Send us an email from the contact page.

This is an exciting time for the greater Sacramento Sangha and we want you to be a part of this, together we can create a wonderful home for our practice, and a legacy for the next generation.