Visitors to the Sanctuary have had the opportunity this month to practice in the cold like Zen masters of old. The room’s antiquated rooftop heating unit has been working one minute and not the next, making scarves and heavy jackets required indoor fashion. Technicians have given the 7.5- ton unit just a few months, but a new one is on the way. Look for a large crane hoisting the new Trane heater/air conditioner onto the roof next week. Until then, keep your woolens handy.

Up on the Roof

The ash trees along the north side of the building hung onto their leaves till late into the fall, releasing them all at once right before a big rainstorm. They drifted onto the hidden flat portion of the roof, where they smothered the air conditioning/heating equipment and clogged the roof drains. But the leaves were quickly raked and composted thanks to the efforts of a small corps of intrepid volunteers without a fear of ladders and heights. Special thanks to December work day volunteers Dave, Amy, Terry, Kenny, and Larry.

Our Grand Opening Set for Sunday
January 2 9 from 1 to 3:30 p.m.

Join us at the Grand Opening on January 29th for our big debut as we open wide our doors to our neighbors in the greater Sacramento region. In November, the three Founding Sanghas  celebrated the center’s opening together–now’s the time to thank those in the community whose hard work helped us achieve this milestone. We plan to show our neighbors our new building and grounds and give everyone a chance to learn a bit about who we are and what we do. This event will start off with a period of mingling, followed by an exchange of gratitude, welcoming, and blessing by invited teachers and neighborhood leaders. We’ll conclude with more socializing and table hopping. Everyone is invited. See you there.

Special One-Time Gift Match

Would you like to help with the $14,500 replacement cost for our new Trane HVAC unit? To end 2016 with a bang – any one-time donation made to the Sacramento Dharma Center on December 29, 30, and 31 will be doubled – till we use up our $10,000 matching fund. Two generous Dharma Center donors will match your gifts dollar-for-dollar. To make a one time donation go to our Contribute page!

Sustaining Circle Year-End Match
Going on Now

For current Sustaining Circle monthly donors, we will double your gift for three months if you make any increase in your donation (till we use our $10,000 fund). For example, if you increase your $20 monthly donation by $10, we will double your new $30 monthly amount for three months – talk about math magic! $20 plus $10 equals $90 for SDC. If you would like to become a monthly donor, please consider joining the Sustaining Circle. Your new monthly contributions are also eligible for the three month match.