First, we are excited to tell you that we have three new board members Julia Mullen, Joette Sebastiani, and John Phelps. They have brought a breath of fresh air to our Board and really rolled up their sleeves and dug into the work.

Since we did not complete the purchase of the B street property, we have embarked on a re-examination of our goals and purpose in order to move forward in the most effective manner to achieve our vision of finding a stable, long-term home for our three Founding Sanghas. We surveyed each of the Sangha Boards in order to clarify their expectations regarding the Dharma Center. As always, their input informs our planning.

On December 5th the entire SDC Board attended a professionally facilitated work shop clarifying our vision, core values, decision making process and roles as board members. Additionally, on an ongoing basis we have been revising and renewing our strategic plan which will be completed soon after the holidays.