This is an exciting moment for all of us as we see our collective vision becoming a reality,” said Susan Orr, our president. “If all goes well, we will be able to quickly address immediate concerns and work with all three Sustaining Sanghas to develop the building and grounds so that they are inviting and comfortable for all.”

We are well on the way to raising the funds we need to cover repairs, makes upgrades, and reduce monthly expenses. Our professional inspectors have specified the repairs, code compliance, and upgrading that is needed. And the building is close to meeting the safety and occupancy codes we need to satisfy the City Planning Commission.

We hired the Ellis Architects firm to provide the code analysis for our City occupancy permit and are delighted that Kari was able to secure a spot on the Planning Commission’s April 21st agenda,” Susan said. ”This is a full month sooner than we’d hoped for, which means escrow could close as soon as the middle of May.”

The Board has been working with our broker, Kari Bryski, to marshal all the evidence to persuade the seller to reduce the purchase price. The collection of reports and bids is thorough: tree work; HVAC; sewer; roof; pest; electrical; plumbing; overall ADA assessment; ADA compliant restroom construction; ADA compliant walkway redo; general contractor bid for repair of deferred maintenance, etc.

We are also delighted with the robust response from members of all three Founding Sanghas interested in volunteering their talents, such as gardening, at the new center. “We’ve had such a wide-range of talented people express their commitment to creating a functional sacred space,” Susan said. “It’s been positively inspiring.”

This same generosity is fueling the Wissemann Capital Campaign. Our goal has been to raise $230,000 by close of escrow – check our progress here! We are asking friends, neighbors, business associates and of course Sangha members to make one last big push. If you’ve not given to the campaign , we’d like you to consider that this might be the most significant gift any of us will get to make in our lives. What we are creating will benefit generations to come. Now is a powerful moment to make a “stretch gift” that will be of benefit to so many.