Take a long slow deep breath and join with us in celebrating – Sacramento Dharma Center is a physical reality! A building, a large tree shaded yard, room to be and room to grow enriching our own Sanghas and their programs, reaching out to others.
We closed escrow on May 16th and have the keys a month ahead of schedule. This gives us a head start on doing all that needs to happen to meet the city’s occupancy requirements. We anticipate that by the end of August or beginning of September these requirements will be met and our three Sanghas can fully move in. To bring all our programs into the building we have been asked to upgrade bathrooms, parking and sidewalks to current ADA standards, and to document adequate parking arrangements for full occupancy.
Meanwhile, now that 3111 Wissemann’s future as a nurturing home for the Dharma has been secured, we will be setting up a schedule of days and times for you to visit. We suspect that many of you who for six years rode the waves of search and purchase with us will want to step inside soon, knowing it is now ours. We will communicate that schedule to you through email and Sangha e-news.
As always, we are available to talk with you about any aspect of Sacramento Dharma Center’s manifestation, current and future.
And, as always, we are aware and grateful that it is your support and patience that brought us to this happy moment.
With much metta, Susan