Arriving home: Move-in, storage, and first gatherings have taken shape for Valley Streams Zen Sangha and Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group in October. We look forward to Sacramento Insight Meditation’s first night at SDC on November 3rd.

Work in progress: SBMG and VS are experimenting with set-up, altar location, audio, entryways, storage, all kinds of procedures and systems in our new home. Beginner’s mind is helping us find our way in this new freedom, with patience and enthusiasm.

Maintenance: Bathrooms; walkways; leafy gutters; clean floors; tidying and cleaning; supplies; grass, trees, and shrubs, all need and are receiving attention. In its front office window, SDC has posted Interim Housekeeping and Opening/ Closing Guidelines for everyone. Feedback is invited.

Art and Design: Generous offers of art, questions about décor, colors, entry hall, information tables, and more continue to be explored. SDC’s newest committee will be grappling with creating guidelines and criteria for a harmonious and pleasing environment.

Happy HVAC savings! – after investigation of two HVAC units previously evaluated as inoperable, we’re delighted that SDC saved over $20,000 for replacement units, when Buckley Heating determined that minor electrical repairs were all that was needed for safe and efficient operation. And less landfill!

Access: SDC welcomes your ideas in the new Suggestion Box, located in the breakroom. Recent progress includes completion of our pristine ADA bathrooms; signage at driveway; lightweight sandwich boards to indicate where meetings are; contact info at the front door; maps and contact info on our website and Facebook page; training for sangha boards about the security alarm; and much more.

Volunteers: Your generous hearts have brought our community home to this refuge – thank you! Rain or shine, we invite your energies for the October 30th Workday, 9am-12 noon, for an hour or more, doing outdoor projects and indoor preparation for our Sangha gathering on November 6th. More info: Julia at or Terry at And if you love working with people committed to the dharma, let Helen know at, as we’re seeking a co-coordinator for the SDC Volunteer Program.