We now have the final purchase agreement for the property at 3240 B Street! Our broker received the signed agreement this morning, May 2. We will put down a refundable deposit with the escrow company by Monday. This starts the 45 day contingency period in which we will determine if this is the right space for our Dharma Center home.

We will begin inspections next week, and work with architect  Mike Malinowski, with a view to how well the space will accommodate the Sustaining Sanghas and support the Center’s mission to provide a sanctuary where our practice will flourish. We will have an open house near the end of the contingency period. We hope you can come, stay tuned for details. If everything goes well during the contingency period we will move into a 60 day escrow.

We need your support now more than ever. Sustaining Circle monthly donations will provide the funds we will need to maintain this property and fulfill the dream of a sanctuary for meditation based Buddhist practice in Sacramento. Visit our contribute page now and join us in this adventure.