At first, we felt so delighted to welcome people to the Open House. But gradually the ones we welcomed became welcomers, and it was just all of us, together, right here!”

Tours, posters asking for creative uses of the space, volunteer sign-ups, an information and donation table, and refreshments engaged the estimated 125 guests who explored the airy space. “”Ohhhh”, exhaled many upon walking into the light-filled room which may become the meditation hall. Sangha leaders Dennis Warren of SIM, Jim Hare of Valley Streams, Joe Countryman of SBMG, and Susan Orr, SDC Board President, each added perspective: the likelihood of many new folks arriving when the Sanghas have a building; the seeds of SDC’s beginnings and organic growth; and the enthusiastic support being offered.

Practicing with the Timeline

Knowing that this escrow period with its multitude of inspections requires due diligence, we are working wholeheartedly to bring the purchase to fruition, while remembering not to count on ownership until escrow closes. It’s all practice! We aim for permit approval from the City Planning Commission possibly as soon as May 12th, and close of escrow on June 15th. And – change happens!

Barn-raising energies arise

Nineteen Volunteer Application forms were filled in at the Open House; many ready to work a couple of hours/week. Thank you! If you’d like a form, or want to discuss volunteering, please contact Helen at The favorites? Fifteen people are ready to dig and plant, and ten each for Spring Cleaning and Painting. Only 2 for Carpentry, and 0 for Plumbing and Electrical work – let us know if you have these skills. As escrow progresses, teams will meet to plan the work, and get ready to roll.

SDC invites your generosity now

All of us seek to move into the building without ongoing burdensome fundraising. Capital gifts now from supporters like you will help reduce monthly expenses by maximizing the down payment, and covering the cost of facility improvements that may be identified as part of our due diligence. We launched the Wissemann Capital Campaign in February and hope to reach our Goal of $230,000 before closing in June. We’re more than half way to our goal! Can you help? Visit our contribute page, and find easy options for you to express your enthusiasm and generosity!

And follow our progress here!

Board changes at our March meeting
Election time!

We thank Joette Sebastiani as she leaves the Board for her dedicated work as a SIM representative, Building Committee chair, and helping in every way possible; she will continue as an active volunteer.

A warm thank you also to SIM representative Brian McKenzie, who leaves the Board to serve as SIM’s Volunteer Coordinator for SDC.

Barbara Colton was newly elected as a SIM representative and will work on the Communication Committee and fundraising.

Julia Mullen was re-elected as a SBMG representative; she continues as Secretary and Vice president, and will step up to chairing the Building Committee.

Linda Dekker was re-elected representing Valley Streams, and will continue on the Executive and Finance/Fundraising committees.

Helen Hobart continues as a SBMG representative, Volunteer Coordinator, and Communications Committee chair.

Susan Orr continues as SDC Board President, serving as an at-large board member, and as an inspiration for all!

John Penfield of Valley Streams continues as Treasurer, joins the Executive Committee, and will chair the Administration, Organization, and Legal Committee.

Bruce Baccei continues as a Valley Streams Zen Sangha representative and works on the Building Committee, his expertise in sustainability, and prior work in the field of architecture guides us in our work.

Spring breeze (2)