May our efforts to create Sacramento Dharma Center be of benefit in countless ways! Many of us have felt rocked by the barrage of events this summer that divide our human family. If ever there was a time to establish a Center, here in the capital of California, that offers a path of compassion and wisdom to the world, isn’t it now? How powerful that we have this opportunity right now to come together from our diverse traditions, working to be the change we want to see in the world!
“When will SDC open?”

Sometime in September is our best estimate. We are waiting for the City’s approval of our building permit for adding ADA bathrooms, and some other ADA changes required for our occupancy permit. As soon as our building permit is approved, our contractor Bill Carter will give us an updated schedule. Bill is committed to helping us get in the building without delay, and we feel supported by everyone involved in this highly detailed process.
“What progress are we making right now?”

Glad you asked! The intricate mysteries of 1980’s security, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems have been yielding to Bob Jenne’s daily efforts, in concert with a very active SDC Building Committee. Each Sangha now has its own access code for the security alarm. Fire alarm options are being weighed, as monthly fees for a separate phone line are required for the alarm to be integrated with our new security system. Access through the gate has been solved. Keys and fobs are ready for Sangha use. Each Sangha will be choosing its office space soon, and room assignments are coming clear.

In breaking news 7/16: We received expert analysis today about our broken sprinkler controllers, and system repairs are at last underway. Lynelle McNeil, Bob Jenne, and Julia Mullen have been persistent sleuths untangling the break-down of the system – solenoids, wiring, and all. For several weeks, Julia stepped up as guardian of our lawn and plants, hauling hoses and using manual sprinklers to keep our greenery alive. Many thanks to all for such teamwork! Dead wood in most of the trees has been pruned away by arborist Terry Wenner.

Research continues on the all-important choice of chairs, window coverings, and other furnishing needs. Finances are in good shape for the move-in expenses, as implemented in a thorough “Year One Cash Flow” budget prepared by Cynthia Embree-Lavoie and the Finance Committee.

Scheduling for our vibrant community activities is receiving careful consideration with a wide range of input. Decisions made will be open to change, as we see how sound travels in the building, parking needs, etc. The Sangha boards and SDC are in consensus that our task is to observe and adapt to what works, what needs adjusting, in this first year of becoming a Center.

With Gratitude

We bow deeply to Bruce Baccei who recently resigned from the Board. Bruce brings great expertise in energy systems and how SDC might become a truly green center. Bruce has been an upbeat and thoughtful Board member and will be much missed. We are grateful that he will continue to advise us about wise heating and air conditioning solutions.

You can help! 
Volunteer Workday Sunday, July 31st — Come push brooms, mowers, and more with good company: contact Stay posted on the website for details about the workday and more ways volunteers can pitch in this summer, including two board openings. We’ll also share some happy feedback from our Dharma sisters and brothers at Plum Village in France.