Our mission is to serve as a learning, training, and community center for the development, integration, and skillful use of meditation practices and awareness in all aspects of individual, family, educational, institutional, work, and community life. Our mission is based on this Vision: Insight (Vipassana) Meditation and meditative awareness are powerful resources for living, problem-solving, and transformation. The continued individual and community exploration and development of these resources leads to a life of clarity, balance, and peace expressed in the forms of generosity, wisdom, compassion, and ethical conduct. These experiential results provide a basis for enormous hope for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being of each of us, our families, our institutions, and our communities.

About Sacramento Insight Meditation

Sacramento Insight Meditation is a non-profit organization that supports insight meditation training and practice in the Sacramento area. Our organization is based on the teachings of the historic Buddha as passed down in the Theravada Buddhist lineage represented in the United States by the teachers and students of the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts and the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, as well as a number of monastics in the Thai Forest and Burmese Mahasi traditions.

A range of Buddhist-based teachings are offered at SIM—including insight meditation (also known as vipassana or mindfulness meditation), daily life practice, formal study of Buddhist texts, kalyana mitta spiritual friendship groups, and volunteer service.With the guidance of senior dharma teacher John Travis, our founding instructor Dennis Warren formed Sacramento Insight Meditation in 2002. SIM provides a community of support for meditation practitioners regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, race, ethnicity or economic status. We are an all-volunteer group that is cooperatively guided by a board of directors and an instructional team consisting of community-trained mentors.

No membership dues or fees are collected and most programs are funded by voluntary donations (dana in Pali) from community members. Dana is used to support operational expenses (rent, supplies, etc.), special programs such as daylong retreats and classes, and senior visiting teachers and our community mentors. SIM meets every Thursday evening for sitting and dharma talks. Additionally, there is a daylong meditation retreat on the last Saturday of each month and an annual six-day residential retreat.

The Sacramento Insight Meditation website,, includes a calendar of current events, resources such as downloadable dharma talks and instructional handouts, and information on how to contact us. The Sacramento Insight Meditation community is excited about its joint project with two other local sanghas to establish a shared location for a multi-sangha dharma center. The new center will be operated by its own board of directors and each of the participating sanghas will retain its own organizational structure and programs. Sacramento Insight Meditation looks forward to having a location dedicated to Buddhist teaching and practice and also to working in cooperation with the other Buddhist communities.

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Regular Thursday evening meetings from 7:00 till 9:15

Sacramento Insight Meditation
Post Office Box 191951
Sacramento, California 95819