What a wonderful opportunity for us to offer dana for our Dharma Center! Part of our shared practice is working with ‘what is’.  Within this turbulent world, we are fortunate, my friends, to have a Dharma Center as part of our ‘what is’.

We will gather at the Dharma Center at 9am, bow in with one another, and play and work until Noon.  Please bring work gloves and your big heart!  An extra wheelbarrow would be nice, too. This Sunday we have many gifts to provide the Dharma Center, including:

  • Finish off the wall painting by filling in the trench we dug and making sure it slopes away from the building.
  • Raking and mulching leaves.  Linda Franklin and Dave Judd have contributed a chipper to the SDC and will show us how to operate it!
  • Moving chips to the valley oaks.
  • Creating a designated compost pile.
  • Creating bird sanctuary and playgrounds by using sticks from North and SE yards to create a couple of enclaves along the East fence.  Can you imagine birding in the SDC backyard?!
  • Breaking down and storing the wood from the large containers SBMG used to store zabutons and zafus.
  • Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the floors.
  • Cleaning the bathrooms.  As a special treat, the new countertops in the older bathrooms may be installed this Friday and we will have a chance to see how they look!
  • Cleaning the kitchen.


With love and gratitude,

Julia Mullen, Grounds Shepherd