Scheduling SDC

Requests to use the Dharma Center go to the Scheduling Committee. Request for sittings, classes, board and committee meetings, will usually be answered within 72 hours by the office manager. Requests that need further consideration due to size, type, noise, etc. will be considered by the scheduling committee with the 'best use' of the center kept in mind and answered within twelve days of your request. Last minute requests will be accommodated only as can be arranged. Please make requests at least 2 weeks prior to planned events if possible.

For the first six months, through March 2017, we will only be accepting requests from our Sustaining Sanghas*, Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group, Sacramento Insight Meditation, and Valley Streams Zen Sangha, and groups sponsored by them or the Dharma Center**. Requests from a Sustaining Sangha or sponsored group should be made by their scheduling committee or point person, and include the following information:

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Suggested concurrent use guidelines:

Sunday, Monday, Thursday, evenings & Retreat days – Our priority is to maintain the building as a sanctuary, as a place for respect of silence, at these times. If there is a question about the appropriateness of a concurrent activity, the primary user (the Sustaining Sangha who has the use of the Sanctuary at the time) will be consulted by the scheduling committee.

During the day from Sunday through Friday, as well as Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday evenings, SDC will be open to a wider range of activities including those whose intention is to build community.

On Retreat days: The Sangha offices may be used and the SDC office and library will be open. Respect for quiet is encouraged.

*Sustaining Sanghas do not need to make requests for their regular weekly evening program, or retreats if the retreat is on their regular Saturday from 8 am to 5pm.

**Sponsored Groups that have the support of a Sustaining Sangha or the Dharma Center and their use will fall under that group's rental agreement.