The February 11th Business Journal has a wonderful article about SDC board member Helen Hobart’s work as a staff chaplain at the The Sutter Center for Psychiatry. In the article she also talks about the Dharma Center and our vision.

We are so fortunate to have Helen on our Board – here is a bit of what she said about us:

“Outside the workplace, Hobart does have an agenda, however: building the Sacramento Dharma Center, a sanctuary that would represent three Buddhist meditation groups to accommodate the growth of the religion in the greater Sacramento area. ‘The region has a long Buddhist history,’ she says. ‘But there’s a growing interest in meditation – an outgrowth of people wanting their lives to be less stressful.’ ”

“Hobart says that the people involved with the Dharma Center project have raised $430,000 so far toward its construction. ‘We want to raise a million dollars,’ she says, ‘and we’re going to do it – this year, I hope. Maybe it won’t be a perfect building but our goal is to be open every day and be in a convenient location. We’re going to open the doors when it’s completed and say, ‘Y’all come!’ ”

Read the entire article here.