The Sacramento Dharma Center Board held its first quarterly meeting with representatives of the Boards of our three founding – and Sustaining Sanghas – Valley Streams Zen Sangha, Sacramento Insight Meditation and Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group. The intention to have more opportunities for informal conversations about what we are doing, and what questions and reflections the individual Sanghas have, was gratefully received! And inspired a warm and fruitful discussion with everyone expressing their sense of the journey we are on together.

It was clear that our coming together in the creation of a dharma center will be potentiated by meetings of this kind. The Board
has felt that our carefully crafted mission statement –The Sacramento Dharma Center’s mission is to create and sustain a sanctuary for meditation and Buddha’s teachings, welcoming everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony – was enough to communicate what we are putting our energies toward. In the conversation at the quarterly meeting it became clear that that there has been some confusion about the way this would manifest beyond ‘having a building’, and what the implications are for the individual Sanghas’ programs and participation.

At our upcoming Board meeting we will consider this need for clarification of the internal structure we are creating while we search for a physical structure to be our shared sanctuary, a home for each Sangha to continue practicing and offering programs within their own tradition. We’ve been evolving and with the caring input from meetings like this we will continue to evolve as a worthwhile home for the Dharma.

Also, check We are happy to report that, though we didn’t reach our end of June goal of 100 Sustaining Circle members, we now have 70 members. And through their generosity we did meet the pledged monthly income level we hoped for, which is $2,500! A great success! This is such encouraging momentum to help us reach our goal of 120 Circle members by the end of 2015, with pledged monthly income of approximately $3,600. We invite you to join in! You can do so here: by starting monthly donations, or pledging to donate when we find our home!