Most of you are probably familiar with the realities of looking for a home to buy or lease, it can take a while and many apparent opportunities fall through for any number of reasons beyond your control. And you keep looking. So it is for us. It looks like, despite our best efforts at making a convincing case for ourselves, our attempt to purchase the Lion’s Club Foundation’s property on 24th St. isn’t going to come to fruition. It is now in escrow with another party. Our intention to find a full time home for the Dharma is unwavering. Undaunted we continue to search, and we will pursue multiple avenues to reach our goal.

Thanks to the generosity of a Sangha volunteer on our building committee, we have a list of properties around the area which already have an assembly permit, a factor that would facilitate any negotiations with a property’s owner. We have started looking at these properties to see which ones might be suitable for pursuing. As with everything that we do as an organization, we are looking at this as an opportunity to practice the Buddha’s teaching, being mindful of our tendencies to grasp or be attached to the results we wish for. And we are mindful of the patience this process asks of you, and have enormous gratitude for that.

Meanwhile! We are also continuing to pursue growing our Sustaining Circle of monthly donors. We are only 34 people short of our end-of-June goal of having 100 people already donating, or pledging to donate, monthly, at any amount, to establish our credit worthiness to potential sellers, lenders, or landlords. There is more information and there are pledge cards at If you want to talk with someone please call SDC Board Member Linda Dekker at 501-9446. She’s more than happy to help!

We hope you’ll consider this way of joining us in the creation of a full time home for your practice, your sangha’s programs, and our Sacramento community’s access to the wisdom and compassion of the Dharma.

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