Your Sacramento Dharma Center Board is doing the work of readying the Center to be welcoming and comfortable for all who come to develop and deepen their practice. Before our three Sustaining Sanghas – Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group; Sacramento Insight Meditation; and Valley Streams Zen Sangha can begin to offer their programs, we must accomplish some repairs and upgrades to the building and grounds to obtain our Occupancy Permit from the city. This includes making the building ADA compliant, with new accessible restrooms, improvements to parking and walkways, and other changes including additional parking spaces and secure bicycle parking.

Our new Board member representing Sacramento Insight Meditation, Bob Jenne, a contractor for years earlier in his life, has become familiar with all the systems and structures of the building. He has been able to give us useful information as we make decisions about locks and security systems, electrical issues, lighting, heating and cooling. Bob, and fellow Board Member Bruce Baccei an energy specialist at SMUD, are providing guidance as we take steps to enhance energy efficiency and minimize waste, with a review of everything from light bulbs to waste removal. We have hired a licensed General Contractor to oversee and carry out most of the repairs and upgrades.

Along with dedicated volunteers, Board members have also been reviewing possible phone and internet services; researching chairs, planning a library and media room, and developing a list of volunteer opportunities. If you would like to volunteer please send us a message here and let us know about your interests and skills. We will need help with everything from garden planning, housekeeping, communications, and the list goes on!

We are hoping that by early September all the initial, necessary work will be finalized, our Sustaining Sanghas will move in, and we can all bring life to our mission of ‘welcoming everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony.’