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A Message from Susan Orr

December 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters!

It’s that gift giving time of year, and here we are, on the receiving end of what the Buddha called ‘the gift that conquers all gifts – the Dharma’. I imagine it was gratitude for the gift of the Dharma that inspired your generosity – of time, energy and donations – that made Sacramento Dharma Center a reality last year. We have spent this first year so grateful for all you have given and continue to give. Now, as you know, we are hoping to realize many of your envisioning ideas so that we will have a more accommodating and beautiful facility for sharing Buddha’s teachings. We are again inviting your generosity for that to happen.

In this our first year, our three Founding Sanghas – Sacramento Buddhist Mediation Group, Sacramento Insight Meditation and Valley Streams Zen Sangha – have expanded their programs and found new people coming to their offerings, and have come to feel at home. And, for us, the best accomplishment of the year is that the Sanghas have found a closer respect and collaboration in the sharing of the calendar and this Dharma home. Our diversity of practice traditions is not only pretty unique in the world, it is our strength, reflecting our mission in our very structure – to create and maintain a sanctuary for meditation and Buddha’s teachings, welcoming everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony.

Sacramento Dharma Center’s Board will pledge to set aside all one time donations received in December 2017 for the purpose of helping to realize phase I of the ongoing envisioning process. This will include improvements to the building and the exterior landscaping. The Board will prioritize the most important needs for Phase I. The interior improvements will include creating more useful and private meeting spaces in the West end of the building, keeping flexibility and multi-use in mind, and will include improvements to the library. Priorities for the landscaping will likely include reducing water use, creating walking meditation paths and outdoor meeting space as well as gardens and spaces especially inviting to children. The Dharma Center Board’s decisions about which projects to prioritize will be made by consensus with equally weighed input from the three Sanghas. This helps to ‘create and maintain the sanctuary’ for everyone.

We recognize that the Sanghas depend on you for their individual financial needs, and it is important to us that you support them. We wouldn’t be here without them. We are here to support them too.

Your gift to the future of this home for the Dharma will additionally support your Sangha and the community-wide sharing of the Dharma. We look forward to years of sharing this refuge with you.

Warm regards on behalf of the Dharma Center Board,

Susan Orr, SDC President

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Donations to our Capital Fund are always welcome

Sacramento Dharma Center invites you to join us in walking the path of compassion and wisdom. We know that mindfulness classes and meditation groups, Buddhist teachings, family programs, quiet retreats, and a friendly community built on kindness, can transform our lives. Let’s do everything we can today, to create this legacy for generations to come.

Your gift will contribute to the stability of the Dharma Center and help us plan for the future. Such stability gives us the freedom to focus on practice. In 2017 we will be going through an envisioning process and considering green improvements to the building and landscaping. It won’t be long before we will likely need a new roof and will be considering going solar. Having both operating and capital reserves will make these things possible.

If you would like to talk to someone about options for giving, whether donating a car, a major gift, monthly support, or more, please contact us here, or call 916-386-9844. We’re glad to talk to you and answer any questions. Donations may be mailed to 3111 Wissemann Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826. Or you can click here to donate now! Please join this inspiring effort!

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Sacramento Dharma Center has set up a Scottrade brokerage account in order to receive donated stocks and bonds. Using the link below, you can download a model letter instructing your broker how to proceed with the donation. If you or your brokerage firm has any questions, please contact our stock broker at Scottrade, Gary Sohol, 2100 Arden Way, Suite #155, Sacramento, CA 95825-2261, (916) 929-8610 [phone], (916) 929-8645 [fax].

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