Because of kind donors, because of You!, this month SDC took strides toward a major milestone: the SAFE credit union commercial loan officer sat down to talk with Board members Linda Dekker and John Penfield, looked over SDC financial reports, and declared that, with our monthly income continuing to grow, adding just another $1,000 in monthly income, we will qualify for a conventional loan with them!


Why is this a big WIN? Until now, SDC has been dependent on financing from the seller, plus a combination of friends willing to lend money, and our superbly generous donors to the Capital Fund. Today, because 70 folks have joined the Sustaining Circle to make monthly contributions, we are able to plan for a conventional loan. Our capacity to negotiate for commercial real estate has dramatically increased!


And — we ‘re looking for 50 more Sustaining Circle donors, to take us over the top. We are in sight of the financial stability provided by monthly donors, like you, that will allow us to acquire the kind of building needed by the three founding Sanghas. The reality is that as the Sustaining Circle grows, our access to commercial loans grows, thus opening up our building options exponentially.


Building Search Revs Up
A three-pronged building search is taking shape: 1) friends, volunteers, and Board members are scouting places around town, using the SDC Building Criteria, 2) with the help of Mike Gorenberg, owners of buildings that would possibly meet our needs, with an existing assembly permit in the central area, are being contacted for leads, and 3) a broker is being engaged quickly, to pursue the search. Let us know if you spot a promising building!


Aug 23rd – Dharma Grounds It All
How do we come together from the different cultures of our Sanghas, and our own multitude of causes and conditions, to create a Dharma Center for Sacramento? Representatives from Valley Streams Zen Sangha, Sacramento Insight Meditation, and Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group, will dive into the Dharma practice undergirding all the work of building search, fundraising, space-sharing agreements, creating policies and procedures, and operating with trust and consensus. Come listen, raise your questions, share your insights, at this all-Sangha evening of meditation and mindful conversation, 7 p.m. on Sunday August 23rd, hosted by SBMG at Congregation B’nai Israel, 3600 Riverside Blvd.


If you’ve been wondering about how you can make a difference in the life of our community, please visit our website here Help us reach the immediate goal of  $1000 more in monthly income, and an overall goal of 120 Sustaining Circle members. The monthly amount can be any size – let’s demonstrate the breadth of support behind this vision of a Center committed to reducing the suffering we see all around us, cultivating the growth of compassion and wisdom right here in River City.